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We're built by millennials. We know the ropes.

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and an ad appears? Then, you click on the ad, buy the product and happy days? No, of course not. The problem with online advertising today is that ads look like ads, and well who actually likes ads?

Slot in Socialify. We don’t have ads filled with infographics, banners, or colourful text. We just have a photo, one photo. That’s it.

The secret is in the copy. You have 30-90 letters to grab your dream customer’s attention. What are you going to say? What are you gonna offer? How are going to convince them that they need you? That’s where you hand the baton over to us. We’ve tried, tested, succeeded and failed. Now, we have it right.

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We're not stagnant. We create noise.

With all social media channels, the key is to create engaging content that is accepted by users but also the ranking algorithms of the platform. In recent years, platforms have moved from showing the most recent content, to showing the most relevant content. They want to create value for their users, just as you want to create value for your customers. Engaging content, and proper management is a win-win for both.

Timing is vital, and so when scheduling content we analyse the best time of the day to publish content. This is according to custom statistics provided by the platform. Additionally, we look at the best performing channels for your brand, the captions which resonate with your audience, and we always stand by the new saying that ‘people like people’. We create relationships, and we define your brands value online.

Social Media Management - Frequently Asked Questions

Every company is different and because of this, there’s no way of estimating the exact cost to you. One thing we can say, is that you need to be willing to invest in growing your business online. Are you?

Now, we definitely can provide you with a more accurate estimate once we know a little bit more. Why not sign up for a Discovery Call with us, and we can see if we can help.

There’s no limit! Although, we will provide recommendations on the best channels for you.

We have found that the ideal number of channels to be active on hovers around 2-3. Any less and your presence is hindered, and more and uniqueness diminishes.

Yes, that’s no problem! In most cases, we can edit your footage to remain consistent with rest of the page.

Additionally, you still have full access to your account. So, any posts that you need published ASAP, can be live immediately.