We're An Agency That Doesn't Do 'Normal'

We’re not here to provide every online marketing solution under the sun. We’re here to only provide a handful. That’s because we choose to be experts in a few, rather than average at all.

Think back to when you learnt to ride a bicycle. You can read a book, watch a tutorial or ask your dad. Although, one thing is certain. You will fall over several times before getting the hang of it.

Online advertising is no different. Except instead of falling, it’s replaced with handing over your hard-earned cash. We know the ropes, we’ve fallen many times, but now we’re experts. We’re focused one thing, and that’s delivering results.

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads

Those are the big three. The platforms we love. The platforms we use. The platforms that are going to project your business to the top of your industry.

We start with evaluating whether we’ll be able to deliver results for your brand. Evaluation is vital. Then comes the strategy. It’s not too complex. It’s not too simple. It’s just right. Built from years of experience, millions of impressions, and lots of client success.

Then we design. Campaigns are a balance of art and science. Every line of text, every image, and every keyword. The end result is well, beautiful.

We analyse, adapt, and overcome. We take success, and see what to improve on. We make sure the right product, reaches the right person, at the right time.

The Phases
There are five main phases of a online advertising campaign . Have a look below:
  • Discovery Call
  • Strategy Development
  • Design & Implementation
  • Campaign Launch
  • Optimisation

Paid Traffic Campaigns - Frequently Asked Questions

Every campaign is different and because of this, there’s no way of estimating the exact cost to you. 

Now, we definitely can provide you with a more accurate estimate once we know a little bit more. Why not sign up for a Discovery Call with us, and we can see if we can help.

Most campaigns vary between 2-4 weeks. This is all dependant on the complexity of the campaign. We include 14 days of optimisation of the campaign, after it has been launched.

Additionally, it is also dependent on the season. Throughout summer, we may have many ongoing large campaigns and there may be a waiting list for campaigns.

We do this to ensure we can allocate the correct amount of time to each campaign and uphold our high-standards.

Yes, that’s no problem! In most cases, we can edit your content to remain consistent with rest of the campaign.

Yes! We can provide training on how to read and interpret the data produced by the campaign, as well as how to implement changes to your campaign to improve overall results.