The Old Head Signal Tower

The Old Head Signal Tower is just over 200 years old. It was built during the Napoleonic wars in response to the threat of a French invasion. There were 81 such towers with line-of-sight visibility from one to the next. The building is one of just two habitable examples left. Rebuilt under the guidance of Cork County Council, it now houses the Lusitania Museum at the Old Head of Kinsale.

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Project Highlights

  • Develop the museum’s brand online through social media channels.
  • Produce high-quality photo content for online social channels.
  • Develop a detailed and efficient website for the museum, showcasing all features.

02Our Approach

By integrating both the modern and historical aspect of the museum, it allowed for the content to resonate with a larger audience online. The website had to include visitor information, as well as contain factual information on the museum’s history. It was imperative this information was communicated online in an efficient manner.

Throughout the entire design process, it was vital we were in regular communication with the client. This ensured the design of the website reflected the content contained within. We wanted to create a product by where the content was visually appealing, yet factual sound. This was the primary focus throughout the entire duration of the project.


The Result

The new identity was brought to life by a bold, disruptive color palette and contemporary design language. This was communicated throughout the entire site.

As a result of these design choices, users felt welcome and informed. They were presented with the precise amount of information they need, and no more.

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The Lusitania Museum

The Lusitania Museum