I had the pleasure of taking a Toyota Hybrid on my staycation to Killarney last week, and while I couldn’t call it an engaging car to drive, I have to admit, it was the perfect car for the trip.

Tackling mountainous Kerry roads, complete with endless chicanes, switchbacks, cyclists, inclines and campervans. We sat back, switched on the plethora of driver aids, and drank in the expansive views.

The Corolla seamlessly carries out its task of moving you from point to point, in as unobtrusive a way as possible. And yes, while the CVT gearbox remains decisive to some, it somehow encourages you to take it easy, throttle back, and settle down.

I continue to respect Toyota for ploughing ahead with Hybrid. Their product is not loud, or glitzy like many competitors, somehow quite humble. It’s a noble thing the corolla.

Over the course of three days of continuous driving, The tank read full for the first 130km, the #ToyotaCorolla Hybrid achieved 4.1L/100km consumption. A staggering figure considering my own petrol car struggles to dipped below 8L/100km.

This, is a car for the here and now.

Thanks is owed to our client, Lehane Motors for the loaning me the car. Visit Lehane Motors.

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