If you own a restaurant, you need to read this.

A well-maintained brand, with a consistent reputation is what restaurants all over the country continue to strive for. However, we find that the online aspect of a business’ brand and reputation is often neglected and forgotten by many restaurants. And well that there, is a problem.

Killian and I are always keeping an eye-out for eye-catching Instagram pages, galleries, and online portfolios. There’s something so very satisfying about good-quality photography. Especially, food photography. It never ceases to grab our attention. We know we have a thing for cars, but food has got to be a close-second. It’s something that induces an eager want, and once the customer has reached that milestone, there’s no turning back.

Now, we totally understand that some restaurants don’t want to outsource photography. It’s difficult to find the right photographer, and they can be costly. So, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for building your brand online, and it doesn’t cost a thing (except a bit of your time).

Set up Google My Business

Often neglected, many business owners have no idea they can claim their page through Google My Business. You know the information box that pops up on the right-side of Google search results? Well, that’s customisable, and you can do that for your business page. If you’re a local restaurant, it’s likely your business information box will appear when someone searches ‘restaurants in *your town*’. It’s pretty much Google advertising, at no cost at all.

Post regularly on social media

Whether you’ve never taken a photo before, or are an award-winning photographer, get samples of your dishes up online now. Keep followers up to date with weekly specials, new dishes, new staff, anything that will spark an interest. Remember, the aim is to create an eager want for not solely the food in your restaurant, but the experience. What’s worse than a low-quality post? No post at all.

Use TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a brilliant platform for local restaurants. We all know it. We all use it. But, in many cases, business’ don’t know how to maintain it.

Respond to reviews, upload regular photos, keep the menu up to date, keep the opening hours correct, and offer an incentive for customers to leave a positive review. These are a just a few things that you can do to build your brand on TripAdvisor, and pull the restaurant page up the rankings.

In short, it’s all about building your brand online.

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