CRU Winebar & Bistro

Here we go again, I’m still talking about online ads. The age-old sceptics would doubtless question their viability. ‘Aren’t those online ads a total waste of money anyway…?’

Back on planet Earth, we have rediscovered an absolute gem of a platform to advertise on. How can it possibly be worth writing an article on? Well, let me explain. A campaign we ran with a client recently returned a healthy 18.8x R.O.I. from TripAdvisor. Yes, you read that correctly. How was that even remotely possible? Well there are a few factors to consider, for example the exponential explosion of users in the area during peak tourist season, and inevitably, one or two tricks of the trade…Of course, Kinsale in summer is a buzz of tourist activity, so much so that we leave town to get a break from it. But, for local SMEs like our client CRU in the restaurant trade, there are mouths to feed and bookings to fill. Here is where a platform like TripAdvisor can really make an impact on bookings, or, your place on the TripAdvisor list of places to eat in your area.

I’m sure the link between the two is somewhat proportional. In this case of CRU Winebar & Bistro, which offers an honest and beautifully atmospheric dining experience, it serves to prove my point that marketing a product that is above standard isn’t awfully difficult. If what you produce is desirable, it’s only a matter of pointing an audience in your direction for your product to flourish.

Marrying the right audience to a client. That, is exactly where real marketing counts.

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